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Tweaks and Fixes for Windows XP

If you need Windows XP support for anything other than what is provided on my site, click HERE.  Clicking on a link will open a new window with the description of the file and its usage. Click on the DOWNLOAD link on the new page to download the file. Some of these files are in VB Script format, and some are in Visual Basic 6 EXE format. The VB6 Runtimes are installed with Windows XP, so no further software installation is necessary.  In the rare case that a control is required, that isn't shipped with XP, the program will have an installer.  Note: Some of these items are User specific settings. It may be necessary to run each VBS/EXE file while logged into to that User's desktop.  If your anti-virus software warns you of a "malicious" script, this is normal if you have "Script Safe" or similar technology enabled.  These scripts are not malicious, but they do make changes to the System Registry.

NEW!! - Windows XP Security Console - Version 1.4 released 10/26/2003

Install Windows 2000 After XP is Installed
Add Defrag to Explorer's Context MenuOpenme.exe Fix
My Documents Opens at Logon
Add TweakUI to Control PanelPrevent Messenger from starting with Outlook Express
Adjust Internet Time Update IntervalRemove Common Tasks from Desktop
Bypass Regedit's "Last State"Remove Home Page Setting Restriction
Cannot Create Toolbar For..... error messageRemove Mi.Mail.C Worm - NEW
CD-Rom Autoplay Tab MissingRemove W32.Sobig.E Worm from XP
Change Registered Owner and OrganizationRemove TweakUI v1.33 (and earlier) from XP
Change Taskbar Grouping ThresholdRestore CD/DVD Drives to Explorer
Clean KWBot.Worm Registry EntriesReset Inactive Tray Icon Information
Clear Media Player's Recent Files listRestore Default File Associations Easily
Clear XP's Search HistoryRestore Missing Tabs in Internet Options
Defrag All Hard Disks - (Can run as a Scheduled Task)Restore OE to E-mail Clients list
Disable/Enable Log Off on Start MenuRestore Open/Save dialog Sort Order
Disable CD Autorun - Home EditionRestore Recycle Bin Desktop Icon
Disable CD Autorun - PRO EditionRestore Toolbars in IE and Windows Explorer
Disable MSConfig Selective Startup ScreenRestore XP's Welcome/Logon Screen
Disable/Enable Recent Documents HistoryRun As Dialog Opens When Double Clicking a Shortcut
Disable Media Player's Recent Files ListSearch/Command Prompt Opens When Double Clicking a Folder
Disable/Enable Unread Mail NotificationsSend To Desktop Shortcut - FIX
Disable Windows XP Balloon Tips Set Numlock State On at Startup
Enable Administrator account on Welcome Screen Single Click System Restore Point
Enable CD Burning for Limited UsersWindows Messenger - Disable/Remove
File Association FixesWindows Update - Prompts to Install Hotfix KB823980
Find and Open the OE Mail StoreWindows Update - Cryptographic Service Error
Find and Open the Windows Address Book Folder 
Fix Internet Options RestrictionWindows Update - Prompts to Install Hotfix Q811493
Fix Windows XP HelpWindows Update - Prompts to Install Hotfix - Manual Entry
Hide Users on the Welcome Screen Windows Update Disabled (Network Policy)
Install 98/Me After XP is InstalledWindows XP Doesn't Save User Settings
 Windows XP Search Problems
Information on VB and Java Scripting 

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