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Windows XP Utilities

The utilities presented here are recommended only for Windows XP.  They may run under Windows 2000, but have not been verified to do so. Win NT IP Config is the exception, as its a Win2K applet.  All files here require the Visual Basic 6 runtime libraries, which are included in Windows XP. Where noted, these utilities will run with Service Pack 1 installed.

If you find these utilities useful in making Windows XP work the way you want it to, repairing your system or recovering from a disaster, please consider making a contribution to support my continuing efforts.

Doug's Windows XP Security Console - Version 1.4 released 10/26/2003

TitleDate Added
Access BossN/A
Add Defrag to Explorer's Context Menu11/10/2002
Add MSN Messenger to the Internet Explorer Toolbar06/20/2004
Add Nero as an Autoplay Handler06/02/2002
Add TweakUI for Windows XP to Control Panel11/15/2004
Change Default Screen Saver12/22/2002
Change Internet Time Update Interval06/02/2002
Change Owner and Organization06/02/2002
Clear "Open With" Lists06/02/2002
Create Emergency Copies of Critical XP System Utilities (Regedit, MSConfig and Task Manager)08/17/2003
Disable/Enable the Windows Logo Keys02/23/2004
Disable/Remove Windows Messenger06/02/2002
Enable Administrator on the Welcome Screen11/11/2002
Enable/Disable Automatic Administrative Shares02/06/2004
Enable/Disable Start Menu Logoff5/24/2003
Enable Searching for Text in Files05/04/2003
Enable/Disable Task Manager9/12/2003
Fix Windows XP Logon11/15/2002
Fix Windows XP Help06/03/2002
Keep User Display Settings v2.006/02/2002
QuickRes for Windows XP - v2.008/29/2003
Recover Deleted/Erased Files 
Repair Blank System Restore Calendar06/02/2002
Repair Missing Toolbars in Explorer/IE11/24/2002
Remove Hotfix Backup Files v2.1.605/29/2004
Remove Registry entries for Winlogin.exe08/29/03
Rename System (Desktop) Icons04/19/2003
Restore CD/DVD Drives to Windows Explorer11/11/2002
Restore OE to E-Mail Clients List11/15/2002
Restore Show Desktop Icon06/02/2002
Set the Numlock Key On/Off at User Logon11/25/2002
Single Click System Restore Point06/19/2008
Startup Programs Tracker v3.9 - Updated 04/19/201104/19/2011
Surf the Internet Anonymously8/31/2007
System Up Time v2.012/15/2002
Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!MVP Kelly Theriot
View More File and Folder Information 
Windows XP Security Console - v1.4 10/26/2003
XP Page File Monitoring Utility11/15/2002
Tweak UI for Windows XP06/02/2002
Win NT IP Config06/02/2002

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