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Before sending any e-mail regarding the fact that your antivirus software reported one of the scripts that you've downloaded as a virus or "potentially malicious", please note, this is normal.  The majority of the scripts presented here write to the System Registry, either setting, changing or removing values. This is what is causing your AV software to warn you.  If I were in the habit of distributing malicious scripts, I would not be a Microsoft MVP, nor would my site be featured on the Windows XP ExpertZone page.

The Feedback link is only for feedback relating to the contents of this site.  It is not for general support questions on Windows operating systems. Before you send your e-mail, ensure that you have included information about what operating system you're running (95/98/Me/XP Pro/XP Home) including the Service Pack level.  If this information is not included, DO NOT EXPECT AN ANSWER!

Free support for anything NOT related to the contents of my site is offered through the Microsoft Public newsgroups.

If you have a question or issue that does not involve the content presented on my site, please consider making a donation to support my continuing efforts here. 

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For general support questions for any Microsoft Product, I recommend the following options.

1) Microsoft Knowledge Base

2) Use Outlook Express as your news reader and setup a new news account pointing to msnews.microsoft.com. There you will find a newsgroup for just about any aspect of Microsoft software.

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