Change Internet Time Sync Interval v2.0 (5/24/2008)
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By default, Windows XP and Vista will try to synchronize your computer's time with an Internet Time Server on a weekly basis.  This utility will allow you to change the interval (frequency) between Internet Time Updates. You can choose from weekly, daily, hourly or "custom" settings.  Download the ZIP file and extract the contents to your hard drive.  The EXE file you extracted is the program. There is no install/uninstall. 

You MUST have Administrator level privileges to use this utility.

.Net Framework v2.00 is required to run this utility.

Operating System(s): Windows XP.  Requires the VB 6 runtime library (included with Windows XP), Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003.

Version 2.0 - Completely re-written to work with Windows Vista, as well as Windows XP.  Intervals changed to Hourly, Daily and Weekly.  No custom intervals are available.

Version 1.2 - was a re-write of the Registry code that works much better.

Version 1.1 - fixes a bug when more than 9 hours were selected for the update interval.

Download Internet Time here.

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