Disable/Remove Windows Messenger
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Note:  If you choose to uninstall Windows Messenger on a system with SP1 installed, you will receive an error message about "un-registering" an OCX file.  This is normal, and doest not affect the removal process.  Windows Messenger will still be removed.

This utility will allow you to disable Windows Messenger on per-user basis, or on a machine wide basis.  Download the ZIP file and extract MessengerDisable.exe to your hard drive.  You can either double click the EXE file, or create a shortcut to it, as you prefer.  You can, optionally, use this utility to remove Windows Messenger from your machine.  You may need Administrator level privileges to run this program.

To reinstall Windows Messenger for Windows XP, visit http://www.microsoft.com/windows/messenger and download the latest version.

Download MessengerDisable here.

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