Restore Missing Toolbars, Menu bar in Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer.
Copyright 2002 - Doug Knox

This utility will allow you to quickly and easily restore the missing Toolbar and/or Menu bar in Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer. 

Note: For Windows Explorer in XP Home, it may be necessary to re-enable the Address bar.  After you run the utility, right click a blank area of the Menu bar or the toolbar and select Address Bar.

This utility is freeware.

Usage:  Download the ZIP file below and extract the contents to your hard disk.  Double click the XP_ToolbarFix.exe file you extracted.  Choose which toolbars to repair and click the Repair button.  To uninstall, simply delete XP_ToolbarFix.exe.

This utility is only recommended for Windows XP. It has not been tested with other platforms.  If you wish to run it on another OS, you will need to install the VB6 Runtime libraries.

Download here.

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