xp_emegencyutil.exe - Creates usable copies of REGEDIT, MSCONFIG and Task Manager
v1.2 - 07/26/2004
© Doug Knox

This small VB 6 utility will create a usable backup copy of Taskmgr.exe, MSConfig.exe and Regedit.EXE in a new folder, called C:\EmergencyUtils.  The new copies will be named Copy_of_Taskmgr.exe, Copy_of_MSConfig.exe and Copy_of_Regedit.com.

These programs are extremely helpful, and usually necessary in helping to rid your computer of a viral infection.  Many virus programs will intercept these programs, based on their original file name, and prevent them from running.  The alternate copies will not encounter this problem.  Simply navigate to the C:\EmergencyUtils folder and double click the file you need to run.

To use: Download the xp_emergencyutil.zip file and save it to your hard drive. Double-click the xp_emergencyutil.zip file and extract xp_emergencyutil.exe to your hard disk.  To run the EXE just double click it, there is no installer.  You will have the option of running the programs automatically, after the copies are created.

NOTE: Your antivirus software may warn of a potentially malicious script.  This is normal, as the Windows Scripting Host is used to create the "copies" of these 3 utilities. 

Operating Systems: Windows® XP and Windows® Server 2003 only.  Requires VB 6 Runtime Libraries, included in Windows® XP.

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