WinloginRemove.exe -Removes the Registry entries for Winlogin.exe (virus file)
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Many times, your antivirus software will remove an infected executable file from your system, but the Registry entries that run this file are left behind, causing "file not found" errors at Startup or logon. Winlogin.exe is one name that is used, and the entry for it is left behind by your AV software.  This utility will scan the commonly used Startup locations of your Registry for the filename Winlogin.exe, and if found, will tell you how many times it was found, where it was found and offer you the choice of removing them.

To use: Download the file and save it to your hard drive (you may want to right click and use Save Target As). Extract WinloginRemove.exe from the ZIP and run it.  There is no installer or uninstaller. Simply delete the WinloginRemove.exe file to uninstall.

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