XP User Display Settings - Allows custom display settings for each user
NEW Version 2.0
Copyright 2002 - Doug Knox

v2.0 - 11/13/2002 - This is a new, rewritten version of the application. Resolutions were added and it will now store your preferences for screen resolution, refresh rate and color depth. 

This small utility will allow all users on your system to have their own screen resolution, and have this setting retained at each logon. This application is freeware. 

For users upgrading to v2.0, I recommend running the utility, for the first time, from the Run dialog with the /R command line switch.  Example:

C:\Program Files\Doug's XP Stuff\XP_UserDisplay.exe /R

This is recommended, since your desired "refresh rate" was not previously stored in the Registry.

NOTE:  If you are logged on to the computer, and another user logs in, using Fast User Switching, your screen resolution will be reset to match theirs.  You can create a desktop shortcut to the utility.  Double clicking it will reset your display to your settings.

Operating Systems:  Recommended for Windows XP Only.  Requires VB6 Runtime Library (installed on XP by default).  The included README.TXT file contains information for setup, removal and resetting the program's and user settings.

Download User Display Settings here.  Extract the contents of the ZIP file to your hard disk and create a shortcut to UserDisplay.exe in the Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs.

If you need to keep track of the screen resolution when switching between users, using Fast User Switching, you may wish to check out this program, which does provide support for Fast User Switching. http://perso.wanadoo.fr/sto41/en/My%20Tools/XPKeepPerUserDisplaySettings.htm

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