Clear Dynamic "Open With" Lists
Copyright 2002 - Doug Knox

When you right click on a file in Windows XP, one of your options is Open With.  This listing of programs contains some that are predefined and some that are added because you chose a program that wasn't on the list.   Over time this list can build up to quite a number of programs.

Clear Open With Lists will allow you to selectively remove the "dynamic" portion of this list for a file extension that you choose (from a list).  Or, if you prefer, you can remove all "dynamic" entries for all file extensions.

Future enhancements include the ability to select multiple extensions and/or individual "dynamic" entries.

Operating System(s): Windows XP Only.  This utility will run on other OS's, but has not been verified to work.  VB 6 Runtime library required (included in Windows XP).

Download Clear Open With Lists here.

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