xp_logonscr.exe - Change the Default Screen Saver
Copyright 2002 - Doug Knox

v1.2 - Recoded to correct for access permissions.

v1.1 - Added the ability to set the Screen Saver Timeout.

This small utility will allow you to change the Screen Saver that is displayed when the Welcome Screen is displayed, and no user is currently logged on.  The Windows\System32 folder will be scanned for SCR files for you to choose from.  You must have Administrator level privileges to use this utility.

Usage:  Download xp_logonscr.zip and save it to your hard disk.  Open the ZIP file and extract the contents.  Double click xp_logonscr.exe. The program will scan the Windows\System32 folder for all SCR files and present a list of them.

Windows XP (may run on Windows 2000).  Requires VB6 Runtime Library (installed on XP by default).

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