Doug's Windows Tweaks And Tips - Enable/Disable Windows Logo Keys in Windows XP

xp_logokey.exe - Enable/Disable the Windows Logo Keys
Version 1.0 - 2/23/2004
Doug Knox

This small VB 6 utility allows you to quickly and easily disable/enable the Windows Logo Keys in Windows XP.

To use: Download the file and save it to your hard drive. Double-click the file and extract xp_logokey.exe to your hard disk.  To run the EXE just double click it, there is no installer.  You can create a shortcut to the EXE file, if desired.

Operating Systems: Windows XP.  Requires VB 6 Runtime Libraries, included in Windows XP.  This utility may run under other operating systems, but the VB 6 runtimes are required.

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