Windows® XP - Remote Desktop Web Connection - How to use

Host Machine:

On the server machine, go to Control Panel, System, Remote.  Check Allow users to connect remotely to this computer.  Any account that you want to have access the machine remotely should have a secure password.

On the server, you need to install Internet Information Services from Add/Remove, Windows Components. Specifically you need to install the Remote Desktop Web Connection. This will make your computer accessible via the web. The URL to use would be

http://<youripaddress>/tsweb  You can also use the hostname if one is available for your connection.

Guest machine:

You will be presented with a login screen. When asked for the server name, use the IP address or host name of the server.
Check Send Login information
Enter the user name  (this must be a valid user account on the server)
Domain name (on my setup) is left blank

Click continue

You'll get a new screen, and a login prompt. Enter your password and you're all set to go.


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