Single Click Creation of a System Restore Point/Runs as a Scheduled Task
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SysRestorePoint.exe is a small VB/VB.NET utility that will allow you to create a System Restore Point, with no user intervention.

v1.2 - Modified to work with Windows Vista.

v1.3 - Added User Account Control (UAC) awareness for Windows Vista.  Upgraded to VB.NET 2008.  .NET Framework 2.0 required.

v1.4 - Works with Windows XP to Windows 8*.

Usage:  Download the appropriate file and extract the contents to your hard drive.  Create a shortcut to the EXE that you extracted.  This shortcut can be placed in your Start Menu, on your Desktop or even your Quick Launch bar.  To run this utility every time the system starts, simply place a shortcut in Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder.  Restore Points are listed in the System Restore Calendar as "Automatic Restore Point" along with the time it was created. 

v1.4 - (Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8*)

* Windows 8 may complain because the publisher cannot be verified. Click the More Info link and select Run Anyway.

Based on original work by Bill James

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