Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

JDRF was founded in 1970 by parents of children with juvenile diabetes.  As a result, JDRF volunteers have a personal connection to juvenile diabetes, which translates into an unrelenting focus on the needs of all people with diabetes and the commitment to finding a cure as soon as possible.  This disease is actually an auto-immune system disorder, where the body starts attacking the cells in the pancreas that are responsible for the production of insulin.   Type I diabetics are insulin dependent.  This usually means several insulin injections a day, and multiple tests to determine what the blood sugar levels are.   And sadly enough, as the name implies, its a disease that affects children of all ages.

There currently is no cure, although there is a lot of promising research.  The JDRF is constantly striving to find new, less intrusive treatments and ways to monitor blood sugar levels.  They offer assistance, training and funding to hospitals, clinics and other organizations that are working to find a cure, or better treatments for this disorder.  This, as with most medical research, involves a great deal of time and money.  

If you decide to make a donation, no matter how small, you can do so directly to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, by clicking here, and clicking on the Support JDRF link. No amount is too small, or too large, to help find a cure for this disorder, which affects children from all over the world.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Doug Knox